Air Jordan 22 VS Air Jordan 23

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First said the Joe 22: after application of science and technology: palm interchangeable double ZOOM AIR and the improved type single AIR SOLE I.P.S (Independent Podular Suspension), titanium alloy strengthening of Shank Plate, the ball phalanges AIR SOLE official selling price 1480 yuan

I'm through this pair of shoes, now to talk about feelings. I would say good place, looking at the above technology has enough for people to understand the superiority of this pair of shoes, but I want to say is its disadvantages.

Though 1: poor cooling and heat dissipation is AIR JORDAN sneakers performance concerns in recent years began to, and from the AIR JORDAN 21 began to improve, but still can't really play the function of the heat dissipation, and even lead to the consequences of cold winter hot summer.

2: comfortable, though the ball of the phalanges place put a piece of AIR SILE effect is not obvious, however, after the return to the AIR cushion is not more, in order to deliberately show the name of the AIR cushion, and the AIR cushion back two centimeters, lead to wear very uncomfortable, have a very strange feeling.

Don't wear 3: materials: use transparent rubber outsole edge wears all packages, only beautiful, but not practical. The package of the whole shoes black similar foam material is very easy to wear and tear, followed by other wear is also very obvious.

I have since concluded that AIR JORDAN22 is not a real basketball shoe, but a continuation of the AIR JORDAN series
Air Jordan XX3 is Nike's first basketball shoe based on Nike's Considered design philosophy.
Air Jordan XX3 is designed to reduce waste as much as possible and use the solvent.
Thermal plastic polyurethane (TPU), rubber, the automatic at the back of the insole to promote the quality of the coating process is completed by efficient mechanical arm, ensure the quality of the coating and parts, fastness and durability.
· the green rubber used in the base can reduce toxicity and USES the Nike Grind material, which is made from the waste produced during the manufacture of the sole.
The construction of shoe-shoes emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials.
The new line stitch sewing machine is made by the patent application.
· double density insoles.
· the heel area USES the inner layer double density to slowly recover the foam, and ADAPTS to the shape and the more fit.

· the bottom of the Phylon of a moulding mold.
· smooth inner shoe covers can increase comfort and make your shoes more fluid.
· use the nut-foam material and increase the comfort of low ball shoes.
· the new type of pattern molded lining provides excellent arch support.
· strengthen the waist panel of the shoes and keep the shape of the last shape, making the combination effect to the best.
The tongue can make the air escape and keep the feet dry.
· during the construction period, the shoe surface was pressed by two tire presses on the last, making the shape of the shoes match the shape of the last.
· the Zoom Airsole unit offers excellent cushioning.
Carbon fiber materials are supported by the addition of the structure and support of the important parts.
• the excellent TPU insoles add stability and support.

Weight - 15 ounces.
• one of the smallest basketball shoes (with 19mm and 9mm in front) of the bottom of the middle bottom, making the players' feet as close as possible and feeling the ground.
The shoes are placed directly into the TPU insole, and the TPU is pressed directly over the entire plate.
This is the most efficient manufacturing process because it increases durability, reduces waste, and reduces the use of solvent additives.
This is the innovation of functional footwear.
The advanced cushioning system consists of a low-tube IPS system, with a large soft cushion in the heel and a combination of the lower tube modified IPS.
Air Jordan XX3's special design features
· there is Michael Jordan's modulus of friction on the base.
A precise suture is shown by the outside deerskin stitches.
· Michael Jordan's signature on the tip of the shoe.
High performance TPU support.
There's Michael Jordan's thumb in the back of the tongue lining.
· the hand-made Michael Jordan stitching highlights the delicate details and functionality.
From Air Jordan in 1985 to Air Jordan XX3 in 2008, 23 years of brilliance, 23 years of good memories.
The image of the unrivalled flying man has been imprinted on our minds and can never be replaced.

In terms of synthesis, I think it's Joe 23, but if you're going to play, you're going to pick Joe 22 and Joe 23 is best for collecting


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